It is the first After Buzz of the 2017, and lots of topics get covered.

  • I talk about how bored I actually got while on vacation. Which made the vacation feel really, really long.
  • We cover New Years resolutions. And I have a few:
    • I want to get back into playing the guitar.
    • I want to learn to speak Spanish. Living where I do, I really do need to learn it.
    • And I saw someone on Reddit comment once that they had a resolution of reading one book a month for 2016, and it changed their life. And no, I'm not counting comic books as a full book.
  • I correct everyone from the chat who kept typing "lip singing" when discussing Mariah Carey's performance on New Year's Eve. It's actually "lip-syncing".
  • And I also talk about how my brain made a pretty big leap during a conversation. A leap so big, my dad and sister had no clue what I was talking about. Here's how that started. "Mom got me a blender for Christmas so I think I'm doing to start eating more sandwiches." Yup, it made perfect sense in my head. The explanation is in the video.

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