It's the first After Buzz of 2018 and guess what... we have a sponsor! Big thanks to Glitch Gaming Center. Be sure to check them out at HERE ONLINE, or at 1505 George Dieter, #114. Buzz and I got to go out there and play around with the stuff they have, and it is awesome! You definitely need to go check it out.

On this After Buzz, Nico joins me to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • I found Baby Jesus and now I have to throw a party
  • I talk about great 90s rock movies like Empire Records and Airheads
  • We also discuss fencing and whether or not it's martial arts. Google says it is, but I think Google is wrong. Although we will be having Nico bring in some fencing equipment so we can fight in the office.

Next week on The After Buzz... who knows. But I do know we're working on getting Glitch Gaming to come in and do some cool stuff.

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