Driving in Texas is always an experience. We discussed one incident where somehow, someway, a car wedged itself in between two other cars with some having no idea how the incident even occurred. But instead of weird accidents, we're taking a look at another part of driving.

License plates in every state are used to identify drivers all over. Here in Texas, they're also used to identify when we pass through any toll gates. But sometimes we see a license plate that is more than just a way to be identified.

For some, it is a way to express personality to other drivers while on the roads. To that, we say, why not? Sometimes the stress of driving can be broken up by trying to figure out what a personalized license plate says.

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But if you can believe it, some license plate phrases are rejected. Why is that the case? Well...they aren't all necessarily appropriate for everyone to see.

Texas License Plates Not Suitable To Read On The Road

What exactly makes a license plate not suitable for the Texas roadways? According to KVUE, things that reference illegal things, or try to pass as government tags are disallowed. But even with those guidelines, some still don't pass.

KVUE provided some examples such as:

- "Y2*SLOW"
- "EWWW G4S"

That last one admittingly makes us laugh a little bit. But thankfully "1TAL1AN" isn't disallowed, or at least we think.

What's the craziest license plate you've seen in Texas? Let us know by sending a message on our FREE station app using the chat feature!

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