You may have gotten up this morning and saw some tornado watches or warnings for North Texas. That's because we had some crazy activity just south of us today.

Welcome to Texas, where we're less than two weeks from Christmas and we have tornado warnings. Santa better be prepared for some rough landings if this keeps up in a couple weeks. As of right now, we had two confirmed tornadoes in North Texas this morning. First, let's go with the one closest to us over in Decatur.

That's some good footage of the size of this thing and here is some footage of the aftermath that the tornado caused.

Like I mentioned earlier, this was not the only tornado to touchdown in North Texas this morning. We also had another in Grapevine, which is right in between Dallas and Forth Worth.

This is a cool shot of the funnel starting to form earlier today.

Nothing new about traffic on I-35, but no one was wanting to drive into the tornado this morning. Definitely the right call. From the videos I have seen coming out of Grapevine, the damage appears to be worse than what happened in Decatur.

Very scary scene outside of a gas station, with a street light hanging on some wires. It looks like a piece of the gas station came off the building as well due to the high winds.

Here's some more residential footage from the Grapevine area this morning. I know a lot of us don't expect a tornado in December. We're always prepared for something to pop off in April through at least June. It is almost smart to be weather aware and keep an eye out for potential storms like this.

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