You know I love a good fish story and this one might have just broken a world record. In a story published by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a freediving fisherman may have speared a state and world-record shattering fish off of the Texas Gulf Coast during a recent fishing trip in Port Aransas. Check out the post from the Port Aransas Fisherman Facebook page.

Braden Sherron caught a 137-pound cubera snapper on June 3.  Photos shared by the wharf show Sherron hoisting the massive orange and gray fish, and helping check its weight back at the dock. The fish has been weight and the paperwork has been submitted to the International Game Fish Association, However, it has not been officially announced. According to the article, this process could take up to two weeks. So for now, the current world record is weighed 124 pounds and was caught in 2007 in Garden Bank, Louisiana.I have never been spearfishing, have you?

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This is the largest of the Western Atlantic snapper species the cubera can reach lengths of over 5 feet and weigh of over 120 pounds and is highly prized by game fishermen and commercial fisheries throughout the Caribbean and South Atlantic.


A man was fishing on Austin’s Lady Bird Lake and caught a 64-pound smallmouth buffalo. Texas Parks and Wildlife awarded Douglas with a water body record, officially logging the weight as 64 pounds. Congratulations, Cassady! In Texas, the smallmouth buffalo are found in most large streams, rivers, and reservoirs exclusive of the Panhandle. Have you ever caught a small mouth buffalo? Read about Cassady' big catch.

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