"These people should be put to death!"

These are the words that echoed inside a Texas Baptist church.


The sermons at Stedfast Church in the Forth Worth area are extreme at best. This is a church that has been formally evicted from a building due to breaching its lease and advocating violence against LGBT+ people.


This has not stopped the church from unapologetically spewing its hateful homophobic agenda. In fact, during a recent sermon, Dillon Awes takes the stage and clears up some confusion. Awes points out "A lot of pastors have this stupid idea 'Oh god loves everyone he hates the sin but loves the sinner.'" He goes on to explain how ridiculous those pastors are, you have to hate 'those' types of sinners because they are 'not normal.'

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In fact, churches that support everyone, including LBGT+ groups, are also wicked Awes explains, "A church that would have a rainbow flag outside of its church let me tell you what that church is screaming at the top of its lungs, "WE HATE GOD."

A recent sermon titled, "Why We Won't Shut Up" has a group protesting the church both online and in person. During the sermon, Dillon Awes takes over and goes on a long rant about the abomination of homosexuality.


Awes starts his sermon by pointing out those protesting outside the doors of the church, "If you walked into Stedfast Baptist Church this morning you might have realized that there are some people that want us to shut up, and it's not just people in the parking lot there's a lot of people in this country and world that want us to shut up."

He then goes into a rant about how wrong protestors are and a conspiracy against the church, "they want to eventually kill us that's the plan that's always been the plan."


Pastor Jonathan Shelly
Pastor Jonathan Shelly

Awes formulates a theory and concludes all homosexuals are pedophiles and vice-versa. You may be asking yourself how could he possibly come to that conclusion, but for Brother Dillon Awes, it's simple. Awes declares that right now at this very moment "Right now every single homosexual may not have been with a child BUT only because they have not been given the opportunity, however, they will at some point in the future they will!" The crowd goes wild and you can hear cheering and clapping as the church go-ers agree.


To put it simply those at Stedfast Baptist Church truly believe in their hearts there is only one solution for homosexuality: "we believe they should be put to death by the government." Now you may be thinking, well how hypocritical, they are preaching murder, but murder is a sin. No worries that have the explanation covered as well, Awes explains, "Being put to death by the government is not murder, its called capital punishment"


To be clear, Awes declares he has the solution for homosexuality in 2022- "They are worthy of death!" How terrifying that this church is so dedicated to a twisted sense of reality.

What's even more horrific is his description of their death. Awes shouts to the crowd in Stedfast Church, "These people should be put to death! Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with a crime, sentenced to death t"

To reiterate, Awes says in the loudest most Hitler-like voice, "I do not love a single one of them I hate every single one of them!" again, the crowd goes wild.

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