A Texas barbecue restaurant fired two employees after the workers played N.W.A.'s "F- The Police" on repeat while a group of cops ate dinner.

Two workers at a Houston area barbecue restaurant lost their jobs after playing N.W.A.'s "F- The Police" on repeat while a group of law enforcement officers ate their dinner.

Deputy Shane Cates was eating dinner at Going's Barbeque & Steak Company outside of Houston, Texas on Monday night with a group of fellow police officers. Deputy Cates said that the group were eating when they realized "the guys in the back were playing a rap song that was saying 'f--- the police' over and over." Cates said he was shocked and couldn't believe that someone was doing it intentionally until he went to the counter and saw a worker in the back singing along and pointing to the dining area. He said the worker saw him and began laughing. Deputy Cates took to Facebook (post since deleted) to talk about his experience and his post went viral, getting shared thousands of times within hours.

Deputy Cates put up another post explaining how he spoke to the owner of the restaurant and the manager after his most went viral. In the post.

Rigoberto Ruiz, the owner of Going's, said that the two workers responsible for the song being played were fired. The restaurant also plans to have a "Police Eat Free" day to make up for what happened.