It's been over four years since Bay Area thrash legends Testament last delivered a new record, but that's about to change on Oct. 28 when the band drops Brotherhood of the Snake. They've already served up a taste of the album with the title track and now fans can sink their teeth into the four-minute "Stronghold" in the 360 degree visualizer video above.

The song takes fans on a sonic tour throughout some of the heaviest moments of the Testament canon. The pit-inducing verse aligns itself with the riffage found on The Gathering with the chug / breakdown type moments signaling aspects of Demonic. There's plenty of the classic sounds from the first two records as well, especially during the thrill-seeking solos and the riff that follows them.

The 'Atomic Clock' Gene Hoglan swiftly handles furious tempo changes behind the kit as Chuck Billy guides the song with concise, darting patterns mixed in with his more languid delivery, giving "Stronghold" multi-layered depth. Coupled with the title track, Brotherhood of the Snake is shaping up to be another definitive album from Testament.

For fans who just can't get enough, check out the Blockade / Snake styled Testament arcade game here. The objective is to maneuver the block snake around the course, collecting coins that extend the length of the snake. Be careful slithering around though because if the snake runs into itself, the game is over!

Pre-orders for Brotherhood of the Snake are available now at the Nuclear Blast webstore with a wealth of options to choose from, including bundle packages, a variety of colored vinyl and more. Testament's European tour with Amon Amarth and Grand Magus kicks off Oct. 28 and all dates can be found at the group's Facebook page.

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