With all the devastation in Texas, many families are wondering how they can protect their homes from flooding. One man found a strange way that worked.

When flood waters rise, so do home owners worries that they may lose everything in a matter of minutes. For one Texas family, they were willing to do anything and everything to save their home from the imminent waters. Randy and Jennifer Socha of Rosenburg, Texas looked online to see if there was anything that could save their family's home from Hurricane Harvey's rising waters. What he found online not only saved his family's home, but now has many in the area wanting to invest in their home's future.

The Aqua Dam was delivered from Louisiana and the Socha's say it took a few hours to install, and many of his neighbors laughed at the crazy contraption. It has inner and outer tubs made of a strong fabric that fill up with water when flood waters arrive. The couple stayed in their home during the flooding and said they had to pump water out of the Aqua Dam a few times but their property was able to be saved due to the strange device. Lats year, the family says they spent over $150,000 remodeling their home due to flooding. The Aqua Dam cost them about $18,000 but they say the device was well worth it.

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