A Texas man is going viral after sharing on social media his unconventional retirement plan to stay at Holiday Inns during his golden years. Many Americans don't realize how much of a financial burden retirement will put on them in their latter years. 1 in 3 Americans have less than $5,000 saved for retirement and 42% of Americans will end up retiring broke. The cost of medical care continues to climb, medications are the highest they've been and there are the necessities like food, shelter among others. One cost that many young people need to start thinking about is the cost of a nursing home. When a person has finally come to a point in their life where they need assistance, a nursing home is a logical option for many. Sadly, the cost of a nursing home might not be the best financial option, or even feasibly possible for most. That's where this Texas man's retirement plan has come into focus and many are agreeing with his logic.

Spring, Texas resident Terry Robison posted jubilantly on Facebook that he and his wife wouldn't be going to nursing home in the later years, but rather "checking into a Holiday Inn!" He makes his points as to why he believes this is a better financial decision for his family by stating that the cost of a nursing home is around $188 a day, but with the price of a long-term stay with senior discount is only $59.23. This also includes continental breakfast daily and leaves the couple still about $128 dollars a day for food, laundry, tips for staff and movies in the hotel. Robison also mentions the many amenities including pools, laundry service, fitness rooms, free hygiene products and staff to assist you with any needs. Living at the Holiday Inn he says "they treat you like a customer, not a patient." If the couple wishes to travel, there are multiple Holiday Inns available around the world, so finding a new play to stay and visit would be easy! Check out his entire Facebook post for more of his reasons for retiring at the Holiday Inn.

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