So the first official day of summer isn't until June 21st, but let's be real, we have had quite a few hot days this month already. What's a person to do when those temps hit triple-digits? Native Texans know that it is only a matter of time before the dog days of summer hit and we are scrambling in this West Texas heat to find creative ways to stay cool. 

Other than the usual take a dip in the pool, let the kids run through the sprinkler, bust out your tank tops and flip flops, what if being topless were an option? I'm not saying I would do it but it is one taboo suggestion that I just had to throw out there because I'm sure more people have done it than we realize.

I know a few people in my circle who would do it in a heartbeat! lol The only hang up? Is it illegal? Can the ladies go topless at some point during the summer and not get arrested for it?



The answer is NO. But also yes.

According to Go Topless, an international topless advocacy group,

 Texas is one of 36 states where "top freedom is in effect," or where no laws directly prohibit public toplessness.

However, before doing so and exercising your right to 'free the girls,' one must read the fine print.

topless and laptop

While there may not be any current laws that prohibit going topless specifically, there are still ways around it. You could potentially be arrested under these 3 penal codes:

  1. public lewdness
  2. indecent exposure
  3. disorderly conduct

So bottom line, while entertaining the thought for a split second might have sounded enticing, probably just don't do it. Laying out getting some sun in the privacy of your own backyard, go for it, on the streets in public for everyone to see, not so much.

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