The difference between someone who loves Rock and Roll music and someone who listens to Rock and Roll music is huge.  The gap between those two sets of people is wider than the gap between Michael Strahans front teeth.

Someone who truly loves Rock and Roll does so because for us its not just two to seven minutes of background noise, it’s the music that takes you back to putting together your own garage band cause you just knew you were gonna make it big like Aerosmith (or Nirvana depending on your age), its knowing exactally where you were when you heard that Dimebag Darrell got shot on stage during a concert (December 8th 2004), its loving a song not just because it’s a catchy tune but more so because you relate to the lyrics on literal and personal level, its owning band shirts that you didn’t buy online because all the sudden there trendy no the band shirts in your closet are tattered and faded because you bought them with what little money you had left over after buying a ticket to the show and the ingredients to the funny cigarette you planned on smoking during the concert.


Rock fans throughout the ages can debate on what is and is not real Rock and Roll but that’s one of the things that makes them true Rock and Roll fans, you don’t see pop music fans having heated debates at bars about what boy band had the best hair or whose favorite group had the best guitarist….because guitarists in pop music don’t exist, much like talent in pop music.


When I meet people I can always tell how often Im gonna want them in my air space by what kind of music they listen to and how they react to that music.  Someone who tells me the last three songs they listened to before they got to wherever we were, was Cemetary Gates, Walk this Way and Buy You a Drink (cause Tawny likes to shake it every now and then) is inevitably going to end up taking some shots with me later.