Christopher Brignell

Online dating is seemingly making its way to becoming the most popular form of dating these days, which is absolutely nana’s considering there was a time that if someone found out you had an online dating profile you instantly became the real life embodiment of the saying “have you been living under a rock” because that’s literally where you’re new home would be located.



I suppose I can see the lure of a completely detached, un-involved, judgmental, shallow form of dating, but isn’t that how we’ve always done it?  It’s just that when you do it online your totally being a coward about it.  I think the reason this form of meeting people have become more popular is because it takes almost no effort and to be honest people are hella lazy now.


My favorite excuse to hear is “I just don’t have time”….you don’t have time???  You don’t have time to do every day run of the mill normal things?  You don’t have time for regular ole human interaction?  Wow.  I’d love to meet the person for whom this excuse isn’t an excuse, cause if you truly are that busy that would mean you have some kind of crazy, awesome, amazingly time consuming job that keeps you traveling and moving around all the time, oh but it would also mean that you work alone otherwise you’d at least know some co-workers you would network with, it would also mean that whatever it is that you do keeps you head down in your phone 24/7 thus giving off that oh so appealing “I’m far too engaged in twitter right now to conduct myself as a human being” vibe that we’re all so attracted to in people.


I’m sorry but I call bullshit on this one.  There aren’t that many people in the world who are literally “too busy” to go out and meet other air breathing, walking on all fours, normal, functioning people.


You guys are just being lazy and introverted…well mostly just lazy.  Need some help?


Go somewhere with a friend…..anywhere…when you see a person…talk to them.

BOOM! Mind blown huh?