Why are men so stupid?  I mean is there just some kind of legitimate chemical imbalance that develops in the male brain between the ages of 10 and 100?


I have a hard time wrapping my head around the massive amount of dumbfuckery that occurs within the male gender, and it’s not even like it’s a disease that only the majority of the male species get, no it’s a viral infection that’s not only spread to every single man on the planet but it’s also irreversible, terminal….not the kind of thing you can just wait out and hope gets better on its own.  Its untreatable.  Woman happen to be immune to this specific form of douchebagery simplex a, however, much like second hand smoke there are effects associated with spending time in close proximity with the infected;


Symptom’s may include but are not limited to


Psychotic breaks that include screaming and the pulling out of one’s hair


Thoughts of murder and the watching of “When women kill” on Lifetime….just to brush up on our “covering up a crime” skills


Being made to feel as if you are the one is crazy and the contemplation of admitting yourself into the local psych ward.


Anger eating and or Revenge shopping


The withholding of sex…which is just sad for everyone


General all around constant pissed of state


The learning of MMA…..cause kicking his ass would almost assuredly cure your second hand symptom’s


In closing, a word to all you women out there who are on the edge of insanity….it’s not you its him and it’s never ending.


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