So I was thinking the other day as I was sifting through “how to” videos on various types of summer time cocktails… I got to thinking….”I could do that…how hard can it be?”


I recently read something about soaking bing cherries in vodka…or something and that they were the, so I figured if they can do it I can do it! Who is this “they” you ask?  Don’t know.  Do what exactly? You might be asking…..not sure.  I figure all I gotta do is soak something in some liquor and VOILA! GREAT SUCCESS!!!! No my friends, this is not the case.  Please be advised that just because it looks simple doesn’t mean it is, and following the instructions isn’t always necessary but occasionally it is an absolute must.  Speaking of absolute, that is not the kind of vodka I used but I felt the need to draw your attention to that word since it’s also a brand of vodka and I was cleverly able to (totally not on purpose) use it in this blog about soaking things in vodka.


OK! Now that I’ve had that good long, winding trip down “who gives a shit about that” lane we can continue!


Having somewhat, sorta, half assed read an article about soaking cherries in vodka and them being amazing I decided to follow suit.


I in no way intended on using the same ingredients, nor did I bother to actually read more thoroughly the directions.  Instead I opened the fridge to see what I had, which happened to be red grapes….opened the liquor cabinet…grey goose….PERFECT.


I grabbed the On The Border margarita shaker that I stole a few years ago, threw the grapes in and filled it the rest of the way with grey goose.


I put that in the freezer and left it for…oh I don’t know….about……no seriously I don’t know, I forgot about them until today.


Let me tell you right off the bat when that blue plastic shaker caught my eye this morning I felt like Betty Badass Crocker up this place…I was like “Hells yes I just made some magic in that container” .

I triumphantly yanked the container out of the freezer door, popped the top off, grabbed a few grapes and threw em in my mouth without a second thought…..


Kids…..grapes soaked in vodka for an undetermined amount of time are not what you would call “good”, they are more like “WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST PUT IN MY MOUTH?!”


In conclusion even thought this experiment failed it has in no way deterred me from trying out as many more alcohol related recipes and concoctions as possible…why you may ask?


Because getting white girl wasted is fun but get white girl wasted in new and creative ways is always funner!




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