Now that the dust has settled from Halloween it’s time for Christmas!!! What?  Oh, so you guys expect me to wade through all those muted colors for Thanksgiving before busting out my Christmas glitter gun?

Not happening. 
When everyone else is talking crap about how stores are already locked and loaded with Christmas by the last week of October I’m thinking “dang…took em long enough”.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays….ONE of the.  Christmas and Halloween are really the only two holidays you can get all National Lampoon ridiculous with decorations and lights, that’s a big part of what makes them my favorite holidays.
You may be reading this and wondering if the skeletons and cobwebs are even put away yet to make room for the snowmen and reindeer…..Personally I think it adds a bit of artistic flare to a home when Frosty and Jack Skellington can be seen together
All I know is this is my first year in this new house and I’ve been hoarding Christmas decorations for what would look to the common man like a lifetime.  I have tub upon tubs stacked twice as tall as I am in my storage building filled with glitter and lights and Christmas trees in all sizes and colors.
Looking at the stacks of tubs labeled “Christmas” the other day in my back yard (which still looks like a haunted house btw) it made me think, is there an appropriate time to bust out the Christmas lights?  Not that I would observe the rules of said “appropriate time” I was just curious.
When do you put your lights up?