Young Woman in Pain.
I’m starting to really do some research on an area of my life I’ve always had the hardest time with.  I know there are many who will read this, get to the part where I say what it is I’m talking about and immediately have an option one way or there other, most times there are no in betweens and what’s more is that most times there is very little sympathy or even understanding of the difference in mental cognition that can also be defined as ADHD.
There it is, see some of you are already rolling your eyes and shaking your heads…your already thinking out loud in your head “that’s not ADHD that’s the result of not enough discipline for some lazy kids”….  In my experience the people who are quick to have those kinds of thoughts don’t have ADHD and have never had anyone close in their lives that have it either.
I’m not saying there aren’t a large group of individuals who figured out how to get falsely diagnosed with this disorder just to obtain the medication often given those who have it knowing that the effects on those who really don’t have ADHD when taking medicines commonly proscribed to people who do have a FAR different effect.  I’m aware that is happening and that it is happening so much that that group of individual’s actions are leaving the real sufferers of this disorder in the shadows.
I remember when I was a child feeling so chaotic and so confused and frustrated in school and even in everyday life.  I could never figure out why I had such a hard time doing simple things.
Reading was the worst, unless I was interested in what I was reading I would have to read and re-read and read again and make notes just to have a hope at remembering what a book or paragraph was about. 
In my adult life I’m not forced to read books I’m not interested in, however, there are still so many things that for most would be simple tasks but for me turn into an ordeal.
I have a habit of completely and totally becoming hyper focused on something I have an interest in for weeks and weeks on end and then all the sudden that interest completely drops to level “eh” and I’m on to the next thing to be obsessed with.  I start tasks that rarely get finished unless I start them and don’t stop until they are done.  For example, I started typing this blog about 30 minutes ago, it takes me a while to get what’s in my head out and organize it in way that can truly express what the original thought was and in a way for others to understand it.
If I step away from typing for too long I won’t finish it all.  I’m starting to work on recognizing the things that hinder me from completely tasks and ways to move past them.
There are plenty of really tough things people who suffer from ADHD have to deal with, but don’t get it twisted; it’s not all bad having a different type of metal cognition.
I am a very creative, outside the box thinking, passionate, (at times) focused and pretty much brilliant kind of gal….and so are the other people I know who are like me.  If given the right amount of time and motivation there is no end to the things that people like me can accomplish and come up with.  One such example, I went through, am going through, whatever, a phase with adult coloring books….OMG I had to have them, had to have the best colored pencils for them.  I would think about coloring at work, biting my nails to get home and color. 
You would think just by reading the last few statements that all my coloring books were full of completely colored pages but you would be wrong.  I got so hyper focused on the patterns that I didn’t want to color something someone else had drawn I wanted to draw my own…and I did.  If I were smarter I would figure out a way to mass produce my little self-drawn coloring book, copyright it and sell it…If I had the right connections I’d have so many avenues of invention and creation I’d be Rick James rich by now…but alas….
That’s just one example of what can be accomplished by someone most people tend to right off once they hear that they have ADHD.  The point is if you’re reading and this is something you suffer from, keep in mind all the great things that come along with this difference in mental cognition, and if you don’t keep in mind what can be accomplished by people who do.