So much like the last prom I attended I didn’t start looking for a dress until just yesterday….and much like the last time I went to prom I find myself regretting my proneness to procrastination.



Either way it’s going to be a blast and I’m friggin pumped!!!! I’m going to do all the stuff I didn’t get to do at my prom, spike the punch, organized hip hop line dancing with my friends, vote for queen and king  and pretend there’s a chance it might be me and the one I’m really looking forward to…that awkwardly posed picture hopefully under an arch of cascading balloons or other assorted prom decorations.



My high school prom was pretty much a wash, the guy I went with was a nice enough guy but very straight laced and needless to say we did not do hood rat things with our friends all night.

There was no underage drinking, no unprotected peer pressured sexual encounters and for sure no fun to be had, at least not for me.



I plan on making up for that and checking at least a few of the aforementioned activities off my list.



I’m hoping to dance 2 or more feet apart from my dancing partner with both our hands on each other’s shoulders while chaperones watch with scolding eyes from afar.

Damn my procrastination, should’ve rented a limo so we could hang out the moon roof and yell at people as we pasted them by with loud music flowing from our long black cockpit of teenage f*ckery on wheels, speeding us on our way to bad decisions and no regrets.



Here’s to prom baby!



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