I was never in a frat. Never had any desire to be in a frat. Of course, I also never went to a four year school. But if I had, I didn't want to be in a frat. The majority of people i knew in frats were douchebags. Not all, but most.

I did go to a few frat parties though. And I still don't know what the big deal was. It was a party at a house. Nothing that out of the ordinary to make it special. But anyway, there was a frat party in Bethesda, MD that was something special. And by special, I mean out of the ordinary.

Police are saying that there was so much alcohol at this frat party, that the AIR actually registered on their breathalyzer meter. It was just a .01, but think about that. The air around you is blowing a .01. Police also said that when they broke up the party last month, 8 people locked themselves in a bathroom, and one jumped out of a second story window to avoid officers.

Baker Mayfield would be proud of those folks.

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