A man who sued for his right to marry his partner announced on Tuesday that he would be running for Senate in the state of Texas. Mark Phariss will run as a Democrat and he is looking to become the first openly gay Senator in the state of Texas if elected.

Phariss, a lawyer from Plano, says that he is encouraged by recent high profile Democratic upsets in Virginia and Alabama. Of course, he might be forgetting that the main reason the Democrat won in the state of Alabama was because the Republican candidate is a pedo who used to troll shopping malls for underage girls. And he STILL barely won.

It's one thing to run, it's another to win in the state of Texas as an openly gay Democrat. The outgoing Senator, Van Taylor, won with nearly 80% of the vote in 2014. Before Taylor, it was Republican, Ken Paxton who held the seat before becoming the Attorney General in January of 2015. Paxton advised county clerks following the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage that they could deny same-sex marriage licenses over religious objections.

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