SNL set a pretty high bar for the rest of Season 41 with Larry David’s hosting debut this past weekend, but will Melissa McCarthy prove so reliable with Kanye West, given all the controversy of late? Get a taste by the first promos as McCarthy gets her nails done with Vanessa Bayer.

McCarthy unfurled her fourth round of SNL promos, following hosting turns in 2011, 2013 and 2014, and this time paired opposite Vanessa Bayer in a nail salon. Not all of the beats land particularly well, but the Ghostbusters star does have some fun mis-remembering some of Kanye West’s greatest hits, which Jay Pharoah actually performs over the title card at the end.

West will be making his seventh appearance on the long-running sketch comedy, including six stints as direct musical guest, and once for the SNL 40 anniversary special. SNL has yet to release additional hosting info beyond the February 13 outing, but will Melissa McCarthy get the job done?

Check out the promos above and stay tuned.

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