This is the face of a man who has strange ideas about pushing his body to the limit.

Eating British food is tough enough, right? Now imagine doing it over and over in a short period of time with fast food.

In a stunt that proves Super Size Me was nothing but a preamble to the extremes humanity and their waistlines will go, a man from London decided to eat at all 46 McDonald's in the city. In one day.

James Ware was undeterred in his "McMarathon" and spends most of the video proudly detailing his journey (side note: doesn't he have a job? How did he clear so much time out of his schedule for this?). He ate a different item from each menu and, yes, after a certain period of time his body was like, "Dude, what are you doing? Can you throw down a piece of celery or something to stem the numbness rapidly coming to both arms?"

In the end, Ware managed to pull off the stunt. There's no word, though, if he elected to haul the camera around when he made appointments to see the 46 specialists he needed to see the next day.

Thinking about pulling the same stunt yourself? Watch the Super Size Me trailer and see what you're getting yourself into.

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