Texas is home to many different species of rattlesnakes. As scary looking as they can be, they will mostly leave us alone. But for those that have an aversion to snakes in general, this particular video will just be some added fuel to your snake nightmares. Some folks were out enjoying a day on the lake near San Angelo, Texas when they caught a diamondback rattlesnake enjoying a swim.

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So here's the thing, snakes are capable of swimming. Here's the other thing, snakes want to have nothing to do with us. For those that have been attacked or bitten by a snake, its because that person got into the snake's personal space.

Humans aren't the only ones that need that three foot circle of no

Texas Parks and Wildlife have a thing they like to do on their Facebook page called Wildlife Wednesday where they can share an interesting video or picture of the native Texas wildlife. This particular video was shared to them by the Instagram user trailing_the_hunters_moon. In it, you can see a diamondback rattlesnake enjoying a swim on O.H. Ivie Lake which is near San Angelo. The folks in the boat were not in danger from the rattler as he or she just moseyed on by.

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Most snakes can swim but they’re not interested in humans. Leave them alone and they’ll be on their way.

That is what Texas Parks and Wildlife had to say about this particular rattlesnake which is also true for any other types of snakes. Just don't get in their personal space and they'll leave you alone. Actually, a lot of the time, they'll just turn and run.

Check out the full video below:

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