When it comes to the big day, everything must be perfect and exactly the way the happy couple wants, all the way down to the wedding cake. Most of the time you see a traditional wedding cake and then something fun or theme inspired for the groom's cake, but for this wedding, the wedding cake followed with the theme too.

I have to admit I have seen all different kinds of weddings over the years, especially watching the wedding and bridal shows but I have never seen a "Star Wars" themed wedding. I'm sure they have happened but I have just never seen one.

When I saw the elegantly themed "Star Wars" cake, I thought how could that be possible. I was thinking more in a character kind of way, rather than an elegant kind of way.

The coolest thing about this cake is that it was made by a local baker here in Odessa. Brandi Odam, who owns The Cake Company of Odessa. I have seen her make all kinds of cakes from a dump truck with moving parts to a huge elegant wedding and quinceanera cakes. She made me a huge Louis Vuitton purse for my birthday one year. Her talents amaze me at what she can do. She also made a cake that was an exact replica of Gruene Hall for a birthday one time.

Bakers are true artists, they can take cake and turn it into anything. The creations that come up with are mind-blowing. If you can dream it, they can bake it!

Check out this elegant "Star Wars" wedding cake made right here in Odessa.  I would have probably added Yoda and Chewy myself! LOL


You can check out more of her cakes here! 



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