A soldier stationed here at Fort Hood, Texas says she fears for her life after making allegations of harassment and misconduct. Now her allegations have gone viral, and officials have publicly responded.

Fort Hood Soldier Says She Fears For Her Life

Sgt. Jewel Scott wrote in the description of a GoFundMe page that she's been the target of harassment since speaking out about things she says she's witnessed on base. According to Sgt. Scott, she was told on May 19th that she'd be discharged within 10 days.

Our news partners at KWTX report that Sgt. Scott has taken to social media to say that if anything should happen to her, it should raise suspicions of foul play. She says that once officials learned she was speaking to the media about her situation, she was targeted as someone "they needed to hush".

Fort Hood Officials Have Responded

On Sunday, May 22, a statement was published to the III Corps and Fort Hood Facebook page in which officials said they are aware of the allegations, are taking them seriously, and are investigating.

Some were upset that the post specifically mentioned Sgt. Scott. Replying to a user who mentioned it, III Corps wrote, "The soldier went to social media to make allegations. The unit did not."

In the comment section of the statement, officials asked that people "allow the process to work and not conduct the investigation via social media".



Sgt. Scott, meanwhile, has responded to the statement, alleging that officials are not investigating and have not taken her safety seriously.

What Happens Now? (My Thoughts)

Here in Central Texas, we take great pride in supporting our military. They put their lives out on the line for our nation and our way of life, and we owe it to them to make sure they're taken care of here at home.

When I first heard about Sgt. Scott, I was instantly concerned. Who wouldn't be, given the deaths and disappearances that have been investigated and gained national attention in recent years?

Right now we can only hope that Sgt. Scott will be safe and that officials will take her allegations seriously and investigate them with honor and integrity. Our soldiers deserve nothing less, and public trust in this base's handling of certain situations is at an all-time low to say the least.

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