Hotel guests are bound to eat this up.

A robot that delivers room service has been popping up at a limited number of hotels around the U.S. Called Relay, it is currently delivering meals to famished people at a dozen hotels.

Relay, which stands three-feet high and weighs 100 pounds, is the product of a startup called Savioke, which has gotten $15 million in financing as it attempts to place the robot in hotels all over the country, thus eliminating the time-honored tradition of tipping a bell hop when he brings food or any other amenities you realize you may have forgotten to pack.

Relay makes its way around thanks to Wi-Fi and 3D cameras and is sent to the appropriate room after hotel employees type it in.

There's no timetable for when or if Relay will become as standard in hotels as copies of the Bible.

While we wait for the continued transition of machines to take over the world, watch some more clips of Relay in action below.

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