The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger made a guest appearance with Alice in Chains during the band’s show at the Hollywood Palladium last week. They’re currently touring in support of latest album Rainier Fog, which was released on Aug. 24.

The 19-track set list, along with classic tracks such as “Them Bones,” “Down in a Hole” and “Man in the Box,” featured new numbers “Never Fade,” “Red Giant,” “So Far Under” and “The One You Know.” Krieger appeared for the last track of the night, “Rooster,” and frontman William DuVall conducted the crowd through the vocal intro. As the band took their bows afterwards, he thanked the audience for their support, saying the night had been “fun.”

You can watch the “Rooster” performance below:

Rainier Fog is the band’s third album with DuVall, matching the three full-length efforts they made with Layne Staley before his death. They recorded in their hometown of Seattle for the first time since 1995. “I think there was some residue from the past lingering, but the ghosts were benevolent, they were there to help, not hinder,” DuVall said recently. “I wrote the lyrics to the song ‘Never Fade’ right there in Studio X. I thought, ‘I’m not leaving this room until I chase this song down.’ I sang about the history, all the songs that had been written, all the arguments among bands and discussions about the future. I was thinking about my grandmother, who’d just died a few months earlier; thinking about Layne Staley, thinking about Chris Cornell, who’d just passed a month before – just letting it wash over, and at the end, I walked out into the dawn and felt I’d had a significant spiritual experience. It couldn’t have happened anywhere else.”

Alice in Chains remain on the road until Oct. 28.

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