For some reason everyone loves them a good conspiracy.  I, however, tend to err on the side of logic and facts.  Last night Doc and I watched the Johnny Depp movie based on the Depression-era American gangster named “Public Enemy Number One” (pretty sure the name of the movie was Public Enemies”.  Anyway, at the end of the movie Doc’s over her trying to tell me about how really John Dillinger actually robbed a plane and jumped out but didn’t die and then went on to live a wealthy life on a beach where he would later confide in his wife that he was actually the notoriously famous bank robber John Herbert Dillinger.  So of course I had to start googling and reading about John Dillinger as soon as woke up.  Nowhere did I find information on the whole plane jumping thing but perhaps I just didn’t spend enough time looking for that particular conspiracy theory.  But I did find this article here

Popperfoto/Getty Images
Popperfoto/Getty Images

…. I’m confused, is this an article actually written by Roger Ebert the film critic?  If you decide to read the article you’ll find that it’s about how much of the story of John Dillinger and his bank robbing crime spree was full of lies and inaccurate, which to be honest I can buy in to.  As I was reading the article I was totally sold on this version of events until I got to a part in the article about how Audrey Dillinger was not Johns sister but actually his mom.

I can believe that political agendas and the people pushing them can influence the press to report a story in a way that will be most beneficial to them, especially back in the day when corruption in law enforcement agencies and government ran wild.  The problem I have is that if you’re going to convince me on a conspiracy theory the details of the story that can’t be proven have to be the only ones you change.  He said, she said type information can’t be proven or dis-proven so go right ahead and weave a tapestry of contradictory accounts of events and you’ll likely hook me in.  It’s when you go and change solid facts that I just can’t.  Dillingers mother died when he was three, there isn’t any conspiracy about that, it’s just something that happened, and when it did his sister Audrey took on the responsibilities of raising little Johnny.

Keep in mind I literally did maybe 20 minutes of research and reading so for all I know this article was written by Bugs Bunny heck I don’t know, do you?!?! I would love to hear what you think happened.

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