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Technically, the state flower of Texas is the delicate and gorgeous bluebonnet flower, which grows in wild abundance in Central/East Texas. But there's a whole lot of Texas that ain't the hill country, and if there are any bluebonnets outside of that area they're highly pampered in a cultivated garden. Oh, and they only last about a month or two.

Honestly, there are plenty of flowers that thrive in more parts of Texas and have much longer growing seasons. The fiery-colored coneflowers of various varieties look like Texas to me, as do Indian blankets, pretty purple prairie verbena, Mexican hats, and dainty pink evening primrose. Heck, the bloom of a prickly pear cactus screams Texas to me. I really love Texas wildflowers, particularly those that I can see in my hometown.

However, if we're being abundantly honest, a Texas Redditor recently nailed what a bouquet of Texas wildflowers really looks like. They hilariously put the photo behind a NSFW tag because, well, grass burrs (AKA stickers) are upsetting and obscene, especially to my feet.

Click on the image below to see the beautiful Texas bouquet.

Growing up Texas meant raising an eyebrow anytime you saw someone on TV run barefoot through grass. Unless you knew someone with really bougie sod grass, there was no way you weren't putting on shoes. You certainly didn't dare ride your bike through the grass, unless you were hoping to pop a tire.

Do you have grass burrs/stickers in your yard? Fall/winter is actually the best time to deal with them. Here are some good tips to deal with the menace, though stickers sure have a way of finding themselves back in your yard. They're like all Texans: rough, tough and nearly un-killable. There's also a handy, if expensive yard tool that will help you scoop them up.

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