Now this looks like a fairly normal picture right? Nothing all that special about it. Just a professional looking woman who's attractive but not so attractive that you would think twice about her being a political leader. Yeah, you'll think twice about that in her beach photos. Melania Trump in her prime would have a hard time competing with Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. Don't beleive me? See for yourself. Just click this link and scroll down. Just make sure your mouth doesn't drop down with it.

Tell me that isn't insane! In my original picture, it seemed perfectly reasonable that this woman would be the president of a country. After seeing the bikini pics you're probably either still looking at them or looking up if sh's really the president of Croatia. Well...that's because it isn't the same woman lol. I lied to you but I'm not sorry. I mean, are you really mad that I made you look at a photo of a good looking blonde in a bikini on a beach? That is actually Ice T's wife Coco.

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