I've been thinking alot about dreams, not the kind that you wake up from thinking you're naked at school, the kind that means you get to do something you've always wanted to do and that you love.
I have friends that are starting wood working businesses, opening micro breweries ect...
I'm not going to say being on KBAT isn't my dream because it is, but I'm an over achiever and I'm always wanting to do better, be the best, do more, dream more....
Those who know me know I'm an avid, somewhat obsessive true crime enthusiast and missing persons advocate and a huge fan of investigative podcasting and reporting.
I believe that all life is valuable and important and that all that are lost deserve to be found. One of my many dreams is to in any way possible help find the truth and justice for victims and to help find those who are missing and gives names to those who are found who have none.
I was writing this post and about at this point I had to stop because I was about to go on the air, my boss, Jeff Andrews, come in right after my first break and says "Hey, I don't know if you'd be comfortable or willing but I'd really love it if you'd be willing to post and share your podcast stuff on the KBAT Facebook page and talk about it more on the air perhaps, even post stuff on the KBAT YouTube channel if that's something you'd be comfortable with?" I tried to act cool but inside I was like "EHR MHER GHERD ARE YOU FRIGGN KIDDING ME YAAAAAAASSSS!!!!!!" Don't worry guys I played it cool.
So long story even longer, I'm going to start posting links to pages for the two podcasts and posting videos on the KBAT YouTube channel and would love if you guys would check it out.
I have a true crime podcast called "Two Girls One Cut" that I do with my home girl L-weezy, otherwise known as Lindsay Brown, and another I'm on called "Chuckles for Couples" with Chris Brown from B93, Alexandria Siller (soon to be House Holmes) and her fiance and our holmesy (see what I did there?) John Corry Holmes, both can be found on Soundcloud. Please do me a solid and give them a listen, let us know what you think, subscribe, stalk all that!!!

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