Check out this crazy PSA from the Ventura County Public Health for Nuclear Preparedness. There's even a song!

When I'm afraid of a potential nuclear war breaking out between the United States and another country, nothing makes me feel better than a little tune. Or at least that's what the Ventura County Public Health's Office is hoping. Back in 2003, their office began making PSA's for the public about various topics. Finally in 2014, they hit on the subject we all need to hear more about- the potential for nuclear war.

In the video, you see public health officials discussing the very real possibility of a nuclear bomb attack and what the public should do in that event. The county's "Ready" campaign was aimed to " Then there is a song, which I am pretty sure I'm going to turn into my ringtone.

Check out the bizarre PSA above and also learn more about their "Ready" campaign.

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