It sounds like an interesting plot for the next big Hollywood horror blockbuster, doesn't it? Freaky-looking dolls and doll PARTS washing up on our Texas shores?

But, no this is actually happening fairly regularly as of late. And to add to the strangeness, people don't seem to understand why or where they've come from? (Straight out of someone's nightmare, perhaps?)

Yeah, it's been happening so regularly we've been seeing a surprising amount of social media posts displaying the strange finds. Now, it's getting real media attention.

According to NBCDFW and other sources, "members of the Mission Aransas Reserve at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute are finding dolls, or parts of dolls, along the beaches on Padre Island."

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It's not unusual for odd things to wash ashore. There are all kinds of "treasures" to be found including odd bits and pieces, messages in a bottle (CLASSIC), and other types of eclectic what-nots. BUT these dolls are fascinatingly bizarre.

My first thought upon seeing them was perhaps they simply were lost or forgotten and then washed away. But SOME of THESE? Yeahhhh, they've not belonged to a child in quite a while.

Ready to be thoroughly creeped out by these photos today? ;) This oughta do it:

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