Recently I've developed a fondness for birds in the area. Really what happened was I noticed that back before my nice stone bird bath broke...ok, I broke it...Anyway back before the stone bird bath in the front broke there were always Blue Jay's hanging around. Before the bird bath broke there was also a really big carnival colored Verbena in the garden in front of the porch that attracted hummingbirds.  Then there were the wood peckers that, for some reason, chose the tree in the backyard to frequent...and it was awesome. Last year and this year I just haven't seen any birds other than pigeons and grackles stopping by.

A few days ago when I saw a couple of Blue Jay's perched in a tree in the front I decided I was gonna see if I could get all the friendly foul that used to call my yard home, back.

I bought bird seed, I've been making bird houses and I'm going to get another bird bath situation going in the front and back. Yes, I know it sounds like I've aged a million years but I can't help but love looking outside and seeing pretty birds just living thier best life.

I thought I had seen all the various types of birds in this area but the other day out at the station I spotted this little guy and now I want to know what kind of bird he is and how do I get them to use my front and back yard as a birdy VRBO?

So, does anyone what this kind of bird this is and how I can advertise in my yard to entice then to hang out?

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