Overkill are now 18 studio albums into their ever-consistent career. The Grinding Wheel represents another slab of pummeling thrash from one of the genre's longest enduring acts and they've kept their collective foot on the accelerator, unleashing a new music video for the punchy "Shine On."

We've seen countless bands play in abandoned warehouses over the years, but for the New Jersey natives, this setting is all too perfect. "Shine On" starts off with an anthemic drum beat backing a stuttered rhythm as Bobby Blitz twirls his mic stand at the very start, amping himself up for the high scream that leads into the verse.

Overkill's working class lyrics have always wielded a distinct and unforgiving attitude, echoed by the sliding rhythmic guitar work and the clanking tone of one of the band's anchors, co-founder and bassist D.D. Verni. There's a somber moment towards the end of the song, but they build the intensity back up with beatdown riffs that give way to a searing tapping solo.

"I’m hearing groove; I’m hearing the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. I’m hearing the punk rock we grew up on. I’m hearing epic vibes, I’m hearing some hardcore," Blitz told Full Metal Jackie in a recent interview when describing The Grinding Wheel. "I think the idea of the record as it developed was to have 10 individual entities on the record, but then at the end of the day — through the mix and through the development of the song, give it the Overkill stamp. The brand, right on the forehead."

The Grinding Wheel is out now and can be purchased through the Nuclear Blast webstore. Fans can also check out the previously released music video for "Goddamn Trouble" as well as other new cuts, "Our Finest Hour" and "Mean, Green Killing Machine."

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