Summer is coming people, not that we had much of a winter so who knows the difference but still, it's on it's way. As excited about shorts and sandals as I may be there's always one thing about summer in West Texas that makes me wish I lived in Antarctica ....they don't have spiders or many other kinds of bugs that crawl and bite and land on you at BBQ'S and freak you in front of everyone.

This year I'm going to be ready. I've been thinking about doing this since last year and after I read a recent article on I know now is the best time.

Makes sense the bat girl would want to build bat houses. In case you didn't know bats are the best form of insect repellant around.  Free labor and thier eco-friendly so it's a win-win. Harmless to pets and people so stop that Dracula train of thought I know you gave rolling around in your head right now.

According to Michael Nickel, a museum scientist at the Sibley Nature Center, we have some Mexican free-tailed bats on thier way to netflix and chill all summer.

My plan? I'm going to build some bat houses and see how well these guys work. I'll post a video and some pictures soon in case you too want to give this eco-friendly insect repellant a try as well. Unless you've already done so, in which case send us some pics!





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