Not everyone can handle spicy foods like the rest of us.

Above, you can watch the spiciest food challenge that I have ever done. I don't encourage anyone to try that because I honestly felt high after consuming that thing. A popular spicy food challenge is the Paqui One Chip Challenge. I just want to say, Paqui is making a KILLING right now with these chips. People are spending like ten dollars to eat a SINGLE chip.

I have not had one yet, but people say it is ridiculously spicy. Watching Shaq eat it on television is an all time video. Now, how do update the challenge? Well the latest Paqui chips for 2022 now turn your tongue blue. So everyone is once again trying the latest challenge.

However, in Tyler Texas, three kids had to leave school after trying the challenge the other day. I think everyone thinks it would be so easy because it's one tortilla chip. "We would just really like for parents and students to understand the severity of what these challenges can lead to," said Jennifer Hines, chief communications officer for TISD.

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The Tyler Independent School District is considering banning the chips from campus if disruptions continue to happen. Can't be having kids go the emergency room every day over an upset tummy from the Paqui chips. I would say, if you can't handle spicy things. DO NOT EAT THIS THING! I know you think one chip won't mess you up, but it looks like it will.

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