It's crazy to think how Buc-ee's has changed the travel habits of so many people. Using my family as an example, whenever we are planning longer trips across Texas, we make sure that there is a Buc-ee's or two along the way.

Sometimes our travels will take us to New Braunfels.  That's a total of 3 Buc-ee's along the way (Madisonville, Bastrop, and New Braunfels), and do we stop at all 3?  You're darn right we do.  Even if our tummies are full, our bladders are empty, and the fuel tank has plenty of gas, we must stop at all Buc-ee's, it's an unwritten Texas law.

Speaking of the New Braunfels location, for a few years, that store was able to boast of being the biggest Buc-ee's of them all.  However, they recently lost that title to a new store in Tennessee. Then, I heard talk of an even bigger store, possibly in Colorado. At the rate that our favorite beaver is expanding across the country, it's hard to keep up anymore.

Rest easy proud Texans. It looks like the biggest Buc-ee's of all will once again be coming home to the Lone Star State, and to my home county.

I was born in raised in Lockhart, Texas, which is the county seat of Caldwell County, just south of Austin. The second-largest town in the county is Luling, which lies on Interstate 10. In the early 2000s, Luling became home to one of the first Buc-ee's family travel centers to ever open. Over time, It also became one of the smallest.

Over the past years, the Luling location has nearly quadrupled in size to nearly 35,000 square feet, which is still half the size of some of its bigger stores. But now, word has it that the Caldwell County Commissioners knocked down some barriers and have given approval for the Luling Buc-ee's to expand to 75,000 square feet.

Little Luling, Texas, which sits near the San Marcos River and is home to the Fightin' Eagles, tons of oil pumpjacks, and the annual Watermelon Thump festival, has won the Buc-ee's lottery.  I'm sure that many folks from my hometown of Lockhart will be applying for the 200 or so jobs that will come when this new store opens.

Now, with all the I-69 construction and expansion happening in Deep East Texas, isn't time for one of our own?

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