A truck driver saw something flying over a New Jersey highway recently that has many UFO enthusiasts buzzing. Watch the video of the sighting.

Tavis Rivera was traveling on I-78 through the town of Watchung in North Jersey on Sunday, Jan 23 when he says he saw an unusually bright light in the sky and pulled his truck over to take a better look.

"I was driving my tractor trailer on I-78 Eastbound in Watchung N.J. and happened to look up and noticed a strange pulsating extremely bright light so I basically pulled over as soon as I could safely and recorded it .I definitely not the moon definitely not the international space station  and it is definitely not an airplane."

In the video, an excited-sounding Rivera marvels at the odd orb, noting that there are "no marker lights on it," which he takes to mean that it is not an airplane.

Watching the weird light in the sky above him, the truck driver seems sure that the light is not a celestial body, though he concedes that "I'm not an astronomer."

Ultimately left with no answers, he muses about his UFO sighting that "I never thought I'd actually see one, I always see these online, but I never thought I'd actually see one."

Many people commenting on Rivera's video dismiss the sighting as the planet, Venus.

It was almost certainly Venus. The brightness and elevation for NJ are accurate for the time of day. The apparent movement is commonly and erroneously reported and is due to movement by the observer relative to nearby objects, like the tree
Rivera discounts the Venus theory, saying he swears he saw the object noticeably moving back and forth at one point. But his video work is somewhat shaky, making it hard to determine if this light is moving or if it's his camera moving.
You be the judge. Watch the attached video and tell me what you think you see in this article's comments section.

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