I admit it. I'm a sucker for Comic Con and all the trailers and new footage that are released. And Netflix absolutely has created a massive nerdgasm. We have a teaser for The Defenders, plus trailers for Iron Fist and Luke Cage. And the Luke Cage trailer is AWESOME!

First, let's start off with the teaser for The Defenders.

Okay, so no real footage from The Defenders, but that still got me excited.

Now to the actual footage that was shown for upcoming releases. Here's Iron Fist, which looks pretty damn good.

I was actually thinking about dropping Netflix for awhile because they upped their prices and their library was getting smaller and smaller. But at this point, their original content is well worth it. Iron Fist looks amazing, but next, we have the Luke Cage trailer, which looks even better.

How awesome was that?! And just to top it all off, here is another sort of mash up Netflix released as well. A look back at Jessica Jones and Daredevil and a look forward to Luke Cage.

So far all we know is Luke Cage hits Netflix on September 30th, while Iron Fist, The Defenders, and even Daredevil season 3 will come to Netflix sometime in 2017. No word yet on Jessica Jones season 2.