That picture looks gnarly right? Well that's not a Fluffernutter I just thought it was trippy. Moving on! This Sunday is National Fluffernutter Day and you know what that means! Actually ya probably don't, that's ok nor did I until a few minutes ago. National Fluffernutter Day is the celebration of the Fluffernutter sandwich... don't know what that is either? It's a marshmallow cream and peanut butter sandwich, in all its many variations! Basically it's a day dedicated to eating the stickiest possible food item ever created. Did you know that stuff in the store called marshmallow fluff, or fluff for short is 100 years old? I mean not the fluff, the recipe and the name. You can read all about it here, I saw something about the addition of bacon...damn son! That's a mean sandwich! Elvis would be proud.

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