My guest on Tuesdays is Jessica from the Midland Humane Coalition, of course the main topic we always discuss is pet adoption and the responsibility that goes along with that, you certainly don't want to adopt a Mastiff if you live in a one bedroom apartment or a Bassett Hound if you want a dog to take on your morning run!

In addition to adoptions we also talk about the many opportunities the public can involve themselves in to help the Midland Humane Coalition, whether it's a fundraiser to help the shelter of just one of their many appearances throughout the Permian Basin for adoption opportunities, there are many ways to become involved in a local shelter I highly recommend it.

One of the events that the Midland Human Coalition has coming up later this month is the Hot Dog Run on Saturday July 23rd from 9-12 in front of The Midland College.

Here is more info on this event: Bring your CATS, KITTENS, DOGS, & PUPPIES  to Midland Humane Coalition's next Shot & Microchip Clinic, 9 AM to 12 PM, July 23, 2016 @ Midland College in the parking lot of Allison Fine Arts Building. (All kitties in carrier or box!) If you are interested in entering the Hot Dog Run go to