A survey done over at CareerCast showed what the most stressful jobs in the United States are. Here is the top 10 MOST stressful:

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel
  2. Firefighter
  3. Airline Pilot
  4. Police Officer
  5. Broadcaster
  6. Event Coordinator
  7. News Reporter
  8. Public Relations Executive
  9. Senior Corporate Executive
  10. Taxi Driver

And since we have a top 10 of the most stressful, here is a list of the LEAST stressful jobs in the United States:

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  2. Compliance Officer
  3. Hair Stylist
  4. Audiologist
  5. University Professor
  6. Medical Records Technician
  7. Jeweler
  8. Operations Research Analyst
  9. Pharmacy Technician
  10. Massage Therapist

This is list isn't here to tell you that the most stressful jobs are the worst jobs to have. It's actually the opposite if you are the kind of person that thrives on pressure and is willing to put yourself in those stressful situations.

Bottom line is someone needs to do these jobs and if you know someone who is in a high stress job, buy them a cookie or do something for them. They're taking the heat so you don't have to.

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