That's right, gaze upon this menagerie of hard core straight gangster Christmas pimps! So after Boogies dad picked him up at first I was super bummed. Christmas night for me has always consisted of making cookies and cleaning up the insane mess from earlier in the day. I've never been sans munchkin on Christmas night...well not since before my son was before, and even then I was doing something I didn't want to do. This year our Christmas night was all kinds of non-domestic and I have to admit it was friggn AWESOME! We went to a dive bar, crashed a family dinner, drank champagne out of mason jars, sang karaoke in the garage...and some other stuff... Not that we aren't always doing that exact thing but this time it was on Christmas, so it felt a little dirty and we all liked it.  Anybody else have gangster Christmas pics they'd like to share?

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