Rick Robertson has lent his voice to many anime characters, including Yomi of Yu Yu Hakusho, and Dabura and Olibu of the Dragon Ball series.

Dabura is one of my favorite character designs ever He just looks so cool.

However, you wouldn't necessarily need to be an anime fan to recognize Robertson's iconic pipes. He's also a prolific video game voice, including Vulcan in SMITE, and President Anton Smith in Borderlands 2.

Fun fact: Robertson is not only in the entertainment business as a voice, but also as our "eyes." He's done camera work on everything from This Is Spinal Tap to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Robertson will be available for meet and greets and autographs at the inaugural Anime WTX, happening January 25th - 27th, 2019 at the MCM Elegante Hotel, 801 Ave. Q in Lubbock, Texas.

So far, Anime WTX is shaping up to be something special. Here's a look at what they have planned for their first-ever event right now:

For weekend passes and more information, visit their website and follow them on Facebook. And of course, we will be regularly updating you on events, guest announcements and more.

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