These days, you never know how a band reunion may begin. In response to a joke from Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy claimed that though his plate is very full with projects, he isn’t too busy to perform with Dream Theater once again, specifically for the band’s Images, Words & Beyond tour.

Dream Theater have been playing some incredibly long and conceptual shows in 2017. On the Images, Words & Beyond tour, DT haven’t just been giving fans Images and Words in its entirety, but the entire opening epic to A Change of Seasons along with an additional eight songs.

Since Portnoy was an essential member for both pivotal Dream Theater releases, guitarist John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess were asked by a fan during a Q&A if they’d be willing to reunite with Portnoy. "There's no plans to do anything like that. Mike's great, and he's doing many, many projects right now,” said Petrucci. Rudess added, "He's too busy for us." "Yeah, he's in twenty bands,” Petrucci continued. “I don't think he has time.”

TNT Radio Rock followed up on the question, asking Portnoy if he was, in fact, too busy. "I think [Petrucci and Rudess] were making a joke, saying I'm too busy for them. That's not true. I always have time for anybody from my history,” Portnoy stated, adding he’s got a great relationship with both former bandmates, but barely hears from singer James LaBrie and bassist John Myung.

"I'm not too busy for them. I always make time for everybody,” Portnoy continued. “I’m in 87 bands, so, obviously, I'm very capable of juggling a lot of things. I just need the invitation. They haven't invited me to any of the shows. So that's up to them."

Mike Portnoy recently celebrated his 50th birthday in style, performing Dream Theater’s entire “12 Step Suite” for the first time live. Released across five DT albums, the suite was inspired by Portnoy’s experience in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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