Iron Maiden were one of the first bands to respond after the terror attack that took place at an Ariana Grande concert this past week, posting on their social media that they intended to play each of their remaining U.K. dates. But during their Cardiff show, singer Bruce Dickinson took a moment to further address the situation with the audience.

"There are various people running around the world at the moment with their fingers on various buttons and all this bulls--t. It makes you wonder a little bit as to whether or not we are entirely safe in the hands of lunatics. But regardless of all that, we feel entirely safe in the hands of the 8,000 lunatics here tonight," stated Dickinson.

He continued, "The main fact of life at an Iron Maiden show is that we don't care where you're from, we don't care what religion you are, we don't care what color you are and we don't care what you had for breakfast. If you are here tonight, then, frankly, we all come in peace, all right? So, with respect to the -- I'm only gonna refer to it probably once -- the awful s--t that happened the other night in Manchester, the biggest response that we can make to the bulls--t and the people who want to hate and who want to destroy is to give them back love and joy and rock and roll." You can see fan-shot video of Dickinson's comments in the player above.

Maiden are completing their European trek with Shinedown tonight (May 28) at the O2 Arena in London and will get most of the week off before starting up their North American tour in Bristow, Va., with Ghost on June 3. Stay up to date on all of their touring here.

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