If you have driven down Illinois in Midland and have seen the old Trinity Towers all boarded up and fencing around it, there are still plans for the abandoned buildings to be used as affordable housing.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, when Manor Park completed the Helen Greathouse Manor in 2005, that is when all the residents of Trinity Towers were transferred over there and the buildings became vacant.

Trinity Towers was once a great place for the elderly in Midland to enjoy as an assisted living facility according to the former President and CEO of Manor Park, Inc. remembered, “Trinity Towers had a wonderful history and valued purpose from its opening in 1970 to its closing. We sold it to a group of local investors who soon flipped it to the Midland County Housing Authority, which had hoped to rehabilitate it for low-income elderly.”

But funding fell through and in 2018 the Midland County Housing Authority sold the property to an investor from out of town.

The out-of-town agency is known as "2800 W. Illinois, LLC" and maintains over 100 other properties in the area so they are still planning renovations to the twin towers beginning with the tower that faces Illinois.

Tower 1 requires asbestos abatement but since Tower 2 was built later, it doesn't have any asbestos since the practice was stopped by the early 70s.

After COVID-19 hit and the economic downturn happened, the project was paused. But now with the economic turnaround, Midlanders can expect Trinity Towers to be a nice affordable rental facility within a year or two according to the owners.

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