Listener Wrote: So my man is upset because I'm getting my first tattoo with my bestie and not him. We both do not have TATOOS, and we've talked about getting one together but I've also talked about this with my bestie for years and we are making it happen. I think it' s silly he's BUTT HURT about this....right?

Here Is What TEXAS Has To Say About It!

Ray Ray
C'mon dude. Don't be so CLINGY. Let her have her space. As a couple, not every moment has to be shared.

Just invite him when you guys go . Maybe he doesn't have to get the tattoo, but he can be part of it, then save a date for you guys to get one together.

Lol who cares who u get it with ‍♂️


Yeah he is... if he wants to be a part of it, then tell him he can pay for it, or come in & get one too....

Wow already a cry baby man ‍♀️

Where y’all meeting these sensitive men at?! who cares who you get a tattoo with? If it’s been a thing with you and your bestie longer than it has been with your man that girl go do it! He’ll be fine once he sees how happy you are.

The picture looks like an airbrush gun

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