Listener Wrote: During the holidays went to my man's office HOIDAY PARTY....and all was well until one of his co-workers referred to herself as MY MAN'S WORKWIFE. No biggie I laughed it off until she kept saying it all night to everyone.   and, yes NOW I'm still upset about it. My man says it nothing, but I say it is, right? 


Here Is What The Permian Basin Had To Say About It?

Ray Ray - The big question....IS SHE THIS WAY AT YOUR MAN'S WORK.? You can only imagine how over the top she is about this at work. And, because she is over the top , YES it's not tight and really distrustful to you and your man needs top pout a STOP to her acting this way.

Olga- I wish she would!!! Yeah NOPE. Not cool and she needs to be told to CALM IT DOWN and honestly it needs to come from your man!

Olivia- Is there a reason why your man is downplaying it? MMmmmm interesting.


Oh you met the office mattress! 😂


The office wife is prolly the side piece

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